This section of the terms and conditions on our website is created by compiling the important points. Every customer agrees to follow these guidelines and limitations.

Taxes and duties imposed on imported items:

As mentioned earlier on our page about exchanges, refunds, and returns, Stylo Jacket is not liable for any duties or taxes associated with goods imported from your nation. You will still be liable for paying any applicable taxes and duties on the product in line with the laws of your state, even though delivery is free.

Product content:

Stylo Jacket has the sole right, at any time and without prior notice, to modify, create, or update any product descriptions, prices, or other information on our website. We want this to be very clear to all of our users. However, if the price, image, or description has been modified, customers have the right to a refund, exchange, or return.

Copyright Disclaimer:

All content on this website, including product images, text, designs, logos, illustrations, and more, is solely owned by the Stylo Jacket website. All of the content is protected by copyright laws, and using it without our permission will have terrible consequences. Any content on our website may not be used by anyone. Stylo Jacket content cannot be copied, sold, published, edited, uploaded, displayed, or distributed in any way.