We offer an easy 30-day return policy with convenient options for exchange and refund. In case the product’s color changes, you receive a defective package, or the package you ordered is different from what you ordered, you can get in touch with our customer service department directly.

Who Can Use the Return Policy?

It is okay to apply if you have any queries or worries regarding a package you received. Regardless of whether they are bothered by the design, size, or color, they can all benefit from this facility. Size is the primary problem we have seen in this area because different body types have different measurements. This problem relates to everyone that we face. So, how can we fix this? We provide you with two great ways to protect yourself against this issue. To ensure that the measurements and size information you are ordering are correct, please take great care when placing your order. Secondly, in the case where you are experiencing difficulty choosing the appropriate size for your body type, consider customizing instead of worrying. Yes, you can use that to personalize any jacket.

Terms and Conditions for the Return Policy:

  • You can use our refund, exchange, and return policies for thirty days.
  • Once the tag is removed, you will not be eligible to use our return policy.
  • If you take more than 30 days, this offer will be considered to have expired for you.
  • If you plan to return or exchange the item, kindly do not wash the package.
  • Remember that if the item isn’t returned in its original condition, we won’t be able to accept it.
  • Once used, the product is not returnable or exchangeable.
  • The product should be in the exact same state as when it was delivered to you. If not, it will not be considered or returned.
  • We are unable to help with your request regarding our return policy if your product has any cuts on it.
  • If you make any changes after receiving the package, you are not eligible to utilize the return policy.
  • Remember that the return policy does not apply to your customized clothing.
  • In the event that you decide to apply for this return policy and think you qualify, remember that you are in charge of covering the shipping costs.
  • To return the package, please use the courier service, which will provide you a tracking ID or number.
  • Additionally, kindly give our customer service the tracking ID or number that your courier service provided you.
  • The package you received must be returned to the same warehouse, and you are liable for the cost of doing so.
  • Please make sure the package is stain-free. If it isn’t, you won’t be able to use our return policy.

Exchange policy:

If you are having issues with size or color, or you may have received a different product and would now like to exchange it, please send an email to support@stylojacket.com to start the exchange process. It is important that the email delivers an accurate and exact explanation of the exchange. Our customer service representatives will assist you with the remaining steps of the exchange procedure. You will need to send the product back to us as soon as your exchange is approved. After examining the returned package and confirming that the product is accurate, our inspection team will send you the exchange within the next 15 working days. 

Terms and conditions for the Exchange policy:

  • If you plan to return an item, be sure that it is still in its original packaging.
  • You should include an accurate justification for the exchange in the application.
  • You can easily request a change if you discover that the product you received differs from the picture that was featured on our website or if the color or size has changed.
  • You are responsible for covering the cost of returning the item to us that you want to exchange on your own.
  • The product must be returned to the same warehouse from whence you received it.
  • To proceed with the process, you need to send us back the package you received. Please use a trackable courier service if you would like to return an incorrect product to us for an exchange. They will provide you a tracking number or ID, which you should give to our customer service representatives.
  • A replacement product will be sent to you in 15 business days.
  • The exchange will be free of charge. However, you just need to cover the customs charges.
  • We do not exchange custom packages.

Procedure for returns and exchanges:

  • Take pictures of the new item you received.
  • Write an informative email explaining why you have decided to handle the return or exchange procedure.
  • Send an email to support@stylojacket.com with a picture of the product attached.
  • Our customer service staff will surely reply to that email within the next 24 hours.
  •  They will give you their return address as well. Following that, you will be in charge of paying for and returning the item to us via a trackable courier service. The tracking ID or number that you received from the courier service must be given to our customer support agent.
  • As soon as we receive the product, you will receive an email from us.
  • If the product we receive isn’t in its best original condition, you won’t be qualified for the policy.
  • Our accounts department will handle the refund procedure if you declare a return and successfully finish all inspection steps. It will be processed by our finance department in three business days. You will be reimbursed for your money within 5–14 banking days. The amount returned to your account may take more than 14 days for some banks.

Refund policy:

If there is an issue of any kind with the package you received, please get in touch with our customer support team. This can involve issues with color or size, or it may indicate that the product isn’t what was advertised or shown on our website, or you didn’t receive it, or it might be broken. We guarantee a prompt response to your message from one of our customer service representatives. After receiving confirmation from our customer service agents, you will qualify for the refund policy.

Terms and conditions for the Refund policy:

  • Using the same payment method that they used to buy the item, buyers will get their money back.
  • The refund policy will be processed by our team in three business working days after receiving it from our accounts department.
  • After that, you will receive your money back in 5 to 14 business working days.