Our first priority is protecting our client’s privacy, all other commitments take second place. It is our duty to keep your information private. We are extremely excited to provide you with a trustworthy environment, which is why we have our website. Our objective is to create a website where you can shop and browse without any challenges or concerns regarding privacy.

 Why is it essential to gather details about customers?

You must provide specific personal information when making an online purchase in order for the item to be delivered to your house. Those details include your residential address, phone number, email address, account information, and name. Before delivering the best-quality item to you, our staff will use those details to confirm your identity and order.

How do we use customer data in our operations?

We utilize your data in a few different contexts. We require your email address, for example, to confirm the order for which we emailed you. To deliver your product to your home, we need your residential address. In order to get in touch with you in the event that there is a delivery problem, we require your phone number. Above everything else, we also need your phone number.

Is logging in necessary on your website if we are not making a purchase?

No, if you are just browsing the website without making any purchases and getting the latest trends straight from the source, you do not need to log in or submit any information. By thoroughly searching the entire website, you can easily stay up-to-date on new ideas and fashion trends.

Do we use cookies?

Yes, we do use cookies, but only with your consent. Our website starts collecting cookies as soon as you click on the accepted option that appears with a message on your screen. It won’t be possible for us to monitor your activities or collect cookies until you click on that; after that, we will start doing so.

What are cookies, and why are we gathering them up?

When you visit websites, those text chunks—known as cookies—are sent to your browser. Any website that collects cookies uses them to enhance your online experience. They keep an eye on your activities and use the data they collect to provide quicker and more precise search results. How secure is your data? It is completely secured. When technology evaluations have provided us with data access, we have also been able to protect it through the use of codes and the enforcement of security procedures. A website that secures your personal information so that no one can access it has been created by our team. Most clients are concerned about the handling of the transaction. They cast doubt on their transaction’s security. Let us remind you that your transaction and the data you enter to complete it are protected by the Secure Server Layer (SSL). All information you submit is transferred over this Secure Server Layer (SSL) and transformed into the payment gateway provider’s database. 

What kind of information do we keep after delivery?

After your order is successfully delivered, we keep some of your information, including your name, email address, and past product purchases. We also use this to let you know about any fresh deals, discounts, and promos that our website is currently offering. We also use your email address to provide you with gift cards and voucher codes, so you can take advantage of even more exclusive discounts.

Children’s protection privacy policy:

Kids are obsessed with technology in general, but they are particularly fans of phones and tablets. They attempt to imitate their parents because they find it fascinating to watch them browse through cute content and make purchases online. This leads to issues or, on rare occasions, results in sizable payments to parents. To protect the financial information of parents, we have implemented the Children’s Online Privacy Policy Act (COPPA). As such, children under the age of 13 are not permitted to place orders, and our servers will not accept any information they submit.

Contact us for any queries:

You can contact our customer service department directly at support@stylojacket.com, if you have any more questions.